On the Go....

I know I have a reputation for lounging, but actually, most days I'm on the go.  I love traveling around the island with my friends.  Anna Maria Island is bustling with things to do and places to go and people to see.

And, there are just as many different kinds of transportation as there are places to go.  Just to give you an idea of some of the fun we have each day, I thought you'd like to see some pics.
Here I am with my Mom, Sue.
Sometimes, I drive myself.  I like the four-wheeled vehicles best.  
This pic was taken around Christmas time, as you can see.  
Beautiful blue sky, palm trees......does it get any better than this?
Pedal to the metal!
4th of July with Sue and our friend, Ed Kennedy.

Here I am with Mom in the An Island Place Realty vehicle.

Just parking and lounging.  I've got it down!

My good friend, Mark Alonso, created this wild ride for me.  
We love cruising around the island.  Everyone knows us.  

I think one of my favorite rides is in my Mom's Volvo.  

She won't let me drive, but I love hanging my head out of the passenger side window.  Have you ever done that? What a rush!
Hey girls, want a ride?

Friends Forever

A dog is the only being on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
Henry Wheeler Shaw

I am one of the luckiest dogs on earth.  I am so blessed with many friends.  Of course, my best friend is my Mom.  She loves me more than anyone.  We've had so many wonderful adventures together and lots of hugs and laughs.


Have I introduced you to another good friend, Mark Alonso?  You'll see us driving around the streets of Anna Maria in our three-wheeler wearing matching scarves.  We often stop to chat with neighbors and visitors. 

Actually, I like having my picture taken with all our friends.  Here I am with Marge and Marty, and Marge's grandchildren.
Here I am with Gary, who works for the City of Anna Maria.  He stops by every day and gives me a biscuit, or two!  I give him a great big kiss in return! 
Alice and Vera, our visitors from Sweden!
 I even love attending closings in our office at An Island Place Realty. Fran Jones, Mom's title agent, loves to have me come to closings!  I've even been to her office in town!
 But, most of all, I love spending time with my Mom. 
She calls me her lap dog!