Water, Water Everywhere

My Mom and I in Bimini Bay.
Being an island dog, I have many opportunities to swim, boat, and play for hours in the water.  Recently, Mom and I spent a day cooling off at a little beach past Galati's Yacht Marina. We were in Bimini Bay on the northeast side of Anna Maria. When I'm not doing the doggy paddle, I'm checking out the yachts.  I'm planning to own one someday soon! 

My best friend, Mark Alonso, wading in the water with me.
My Mom and I enjoy swimming and boating with our friends on hot summer days. Here I am with Mark!
I'm in the lead!
I'm a very strong swimmer and can stay afloat for long periods of time. Sometimes, I hang on to a float in case I have to rescue someone!
I like to play catch, too.  Anna Maria has the most beautiful water.
 When we're not playing catch in the Bay, there's always the swimming pool. Although, I find it more challenging catching those rubber duckies!
 I like boating almost as much as swimming. The cool breezes of the Gulf and the fresh salt air......there's nothing like it!
When Mom and I are not working at An Island Place Realty, we're taking advantage of the sun and surf.  We spend a lot of time together. 
I'm one lucky dog!