Bow Wow WOW!

Looking good.
Although I have a laid-back "island attitude," I do like to look my best everyday.  Did I mention that I'm known for my extensive collection of neck scarves?  Just a little color, and I'm ready for a day of lounging.
I like to color coordinate.
You see.....scarves can even be wrapped in "other places."  This is the one people love the most and a lot of laughing goes on when I walk around like this!
What was I thinking!
I collect scarves for all occasions.  Sometimes I wear them to the side, around the back or just casually hanging in front.

Check these out:
Where's my Easter candy?
I like the personalized look.

I'm very patriotic.
This is my biker look.  Watch out!
These are just a few of my favorites.  How about you?  Send me a picture of you in your favorite scarf and I'll post it here!  

Send jpegs to: Island Fritz Pics
Call me- 941-779-9320 !!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!